Israel Ricardez - Executive Director

  • 14 years of coaching experience 
  • Boys Varsity Head Coach at Carmel High School since 2009
  • Girls Varsity Head Coach at Carmel High School since 2010
  • Won Bronze Medal as a Coach at the 2015 Open Division USAVJNC
  • Qualified for Open Division at the USAVJNC 4 times
  • 5 Girls High School League Championships 
  • 4 Boys High School League Championships 
  • 2 Boys CCS Championship Appearances 
  • 1 Boys CCS Championship 2018
  • 4 Time League Coach of the Year 
  • All County Coach of the Year in 2008
  • Former MPC assistant coach 2006-08

Brodie Greer - The Man!!!

Brodie's from and went to schools in Pacific Palisades...West Los Angeles..., California. His first love of volleyball occurred when he joined his friends for a day at the beach in Santa Monica. Little did he know that he had arrived at one of the meccas of beach volleyball...Sorrento beach in Santa Monica. Over the years...20...his game improved and got pretty good, as he regularly was in competition with and against guys, many of whom would become future hall of fame beach volleyball players. During this time, Brodie got a full ride football scholarship at San Jose State, and was a three year starting safety on defense. One of the highlights of his career was beating a Stanford team that was 9-0, and heading to the Rose Bowl...and winding up beating Ohio State. Also in college,Brodie, ran the 400 meters. Following his senior year, Brodie went to the Chicago Bears football training camp, and made it through a few cuts, until his NFL football dreams ended. While at San Jose State, he took an elective acting class, loved it, and after his football ideas ended, embarked on a 20 year acting career. His favorite phase of that career was playing Officer Barry Baricza...Bear...on the hit television series "Chips" for five years. Other fun jobs, were on the "Love Boat" series, three times, "Fantasy Island", and many others. Also he got involved in LA theatre, and did many commercials. Through this whole time, beach volleyball was a love and a passion. Brodie moved to Carmel in 2009, and he got to know the Jennifer Field family right off. Twelve year old Katy Field played on the Carmel Middle School volleyball team and he offered to help out. When she moved on to Carmel High School, he was invited by Isreal Ricardez to join the CHS volleyball staff as head coach of the junior varsity, and assistant on the varsity. A gesture he is thankful to "Izzy" for. He is now in his 5th year at CHS, and his fifth year with Carmel Beach Volleyball club, having coached 3 years with the revered Paul Elliott, on the 14-1's, 13-1's, and 12's. Brodie feels that the club director Anthony Lombardi provides a great venue and opportunity for young volleyball players to have a chance to play and be coached by one of the best club coaching staffs there is.